Indian/Moroccan inspiration

I'm always having problems finding enough places where I can get up-to-the-minute Indian/Moroccan inspiration. The places I've found I'll list here for you to enjoy and if you have any along the same lines - by all means let me know! They're in no particular order and it's basically anything from blogs to retail and anything in between, if they have plenty of inspiring pictures they're in.

Spiti, Swedish retail store with Oriental type furniture and accessories here. I couldn't see an English language option but they have some inspiring pictures and beautiful products.

Indiska, a Swedish retail store with mostly clothes but also some furniture and smaller accessories here. They have an English language option in the top right corner.

Maharani Weddings, a gorgeous blog about Indian/South Asian weddings with tons of colorful pictures, videos and inspiration here.

Mosaik Events, a party planning and tent rental company with wonderful Moroccan tents and furniture pictures here.

Raj Tents, a tent and decor rental place with more of these wonderful tent pictures here.

Just Morocco, a retail store with some beautiful stuff here.

I'll be adding more links and pictures here as I stumble upon them. Enjoy!

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