Who I am

My name is Titti (pronounced Tee-Tee) and I was born in Sweden some 30 years ago.

My husband, with some help from the internet, is responsible for "importing" me to the States in 2004 which is the same year we got married.

Because we met on the internet. Yep. And neither one of us is an axe murderer, much to our friends' and families' great surprise :) I was in Sweden, he was in Texas. We did the long distance thing for about 3 years (oh, the heart ache every time one of us had to get on a plane after one of our few and far between IRL meets) before he finally asked me to marry him. And we did. In Stockholm, Sweden. Outdoors, one morning in May, down by the water.

The joy to finally be his forever :) But bureaucracy demanded that I stay behind in Sweden for 3 months before my immigration papers were final. And then I packed my two bags and took a plane to my new life in Texas.

We lived happily ever after. When the first kid came along I became a stay at home mom and after everything settled down again about 6 months later I started feeling like I wanted to do something for me, something I enjoyed. Reading books was virtually impossible, I couldn't keep up with the story line with the constant baby interruptions every 2 pages so I started reading crafting and decorating books I got at the library instead, or magazines. I was much more likely to get to finish an article or a project idea because of the shorter format with lots of pictures.

I got hooked. Addicted to the crafting bug, the decorating high. I'd always been handy, creative and interested in thrift store shopping and now all those elements came together. Further fuel on the fire came when we bought our first house - my own blank canvas to play with!

Needless to say I don't fit any standard molds and I like being different. I've always been fascinated by India - the colors, the exoticism of it. Which led me to the Moroccan style as well. That's why this Swede isn't doing a lot of the mainstream American (or Swedish for that matter) decorating and crafting, but it all has to have my own little exotic twist to it. If this Indian/Moroccan thing is just a fling or something I'll do for the rest of my life I don't know. I'm just running with it :)

I love having you with me on this journey of documenting all my crazy projects on my way to making our little home a perfect oasis, our Shoestring Pavilion.

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  1. Yes, love your story. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  2. What a fantastic story - thanks for sharing your story and your beautiful wedding photo.

  3. Beautiful wedding pic, love the Swedish vibe going on there with the dress, hair, and bouquet.

    I have a random question. First I'm obsessed with everything french/swedish. Okay, what is the deal with the little horse decoration (I think it's a rocking horse but not sure, and it's usually red and blue)I see it around Christmas time? Is there a meaning there? Thanks

    P.S. I love and make swedish meatballs....yum!! :)

  4. Anon - I'm no expert on the Dala horses (which I believe you're referring to) and I have personally never really liked them. They're a little to garish for my taste. But I guess Swedes get more sentimental/patriotic around Xmas and put them up? Here's a link with pics and and explanation of the history of the wooden horses

  5. Titti,
    Thanks for your thoughts on this and the link! I see them at a local Scandinavian shop here when I go to pick up lingonberries etc, but they are the classic red with a bunch of colors. I agree that it's a bit garish for my taste too. If I found one in Swedish white, I would love that! I guess I could find an unfinished one and paint it myself. Anyway, thanks again. -Kat :)

  6. nice to meet you since you love Indian have you ever watched Bollywood movies ? we don't speak the language but watch with subtitles! kal ho naa ho, is good there are others if you want some suggestions let me know! nice blog btw!


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